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Jedoniañ 6hp

V/oct to Hz/V and Hz/V to V/oct

V/oct to Hz/V Hz/V to V/oct V-trig to S-trig V-trig to S-trig Possible applications of the Jedoniañ are using a Hz/V synth as a CV keyboard for your Eurorack or vice versa, conversion of voltages from a 1V/oct MIDI/CV interface to the Hz/V characteristic and so on. The upper section converts from 1V/octave to Hz/V and V-Trig to S-Trig. The bottom unit converts from Hz/V to 1V/octve and S-Trig to V-Trig. For correct adjustment between both units tune them to the same initial frequency which is done with the Jedoniañ’s Frekañs potentiometer. Then play two, or better three, octaves higher and adjust the spread with the Ledander control. Then repeat the procedure one or two more times until the setting is perfectt and that’s it.

• 6hp


  • Size:
  • Face plate material:
    1.6mm Aluminium
  • +12v:
  • -12v:

User Manual